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Time for Memory is dedicated to providing valuable information and services relating to final arrangements. For many individuals, death is a subject that people do not like to discuss. However, some of the most important decisions made in a person's life revolve around the final arrangements for loved ones. Whether pre-planning for yourself or planning for some one else, the information found within TimeForMemory.com will provide you with the knowledge of the processes and options available to you.

Time for Memory also offers services provided through participating funeral homes that celebrate the lives of loved ones. We maintain an archive of obituaries that serve as a resource for people to learn of the loss of friends and loved ones. We offer live and recorded broadcasts of memorial services for friends and family members that can not be present at the service. Time For Memory also offers extended printed memorials of the deceased featuring pictures and history of the departed.

We hope our services can make your life easier when dealing with life's most difficult times.

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Stephen Mack Jacobson 1936-2020
Wallace Funeral Home
Eva "Gerry" Geraldine Stowasser Keaton 1932-2020
Wallace Funeral Home
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